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Mythic Warriors episode "Odysseus and Circe"
Categories:Animal, Television Episode
Season 1, Episode 8
First Aired: 26 December 1998


An evil sorceress named "Circe" has turned Odysseus's men into Pigs and a few men into a lion, a deer, a bear, and wolf. She also tried to turn Odysseus into a fox but he managed to stop her spell from turning him into a fox after sniffing a purple flower that he held on. When Odysseus refuse to stay with Circe, snatched her staff, and started looking for his men, she transformed herself into a tiger, a hawk (bird), a snake (Serpent), and a giant Octopus to chase Odysseus to prevent him and his men from escaping from her island but Odysseus defeated her by throwing a barrel of oil on her (in her Octopus form), and then threw a fiery torch on her to catch her on fire to weaken her in order to make their escape.

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