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Reversion, The Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Planet
First Appeared: "THE REVERSION PART I"


Unspecified Technology
On an indeterminate date, the governments of the world receive anonymous letter threatening them with a technological attack at 10:40 EDT that will change everyone�s ages.
To prove they�re telling the truth, the terrorists have already radiated a small island in the Bahamas. Sure enough, the islander�s ages shift, and they dub the event as �The Reversion�.
The world�s leaders warn their citizens about what�s to happen a few hours earlier, and everyone prepares for it differently.


Open for new stories: Yes
Permission required: No
Permissions contact: Not Applicable
Questions contact: author's email listed on his webpage


Taken directly from the first story, and submitted by "guest"

-The only living beings affected by the change are humans. Animals and plants remain unaffected.
-Individuals between the ages of 0 and 5 also remain unchanged, but their health usually improves.
-Children between the ages of 5 and 15 will mature into 25-year-old adults.
-People older than 15 will regress into 10 year olds.
-Unborn babies will migrate into the body of a newly matured female, sometimes at random, but mostly into a family relation.
-The changes are mostly physical, but there are some mental ones (tastes, knowledge and skills to match the new ages).
-Reality itself warps to adapt the world to the changed people (transfer of roles).
-Family relations also change (new couples are formed, former parents become their offspring children, etc.)
-The changes have made everyone healthier 8and more attractive).
-Not everyone gets affected at the same moment. Some change as soon as the Reversion hit, while others take up to 10 minutes.
-The transformation itself lasts about 3 minutes in being completed (and feels both strange and pleasant)
-15 minutes after the Reversion hits, people�s belongings transform to match their new roles.


"THE REVERSION - Foreword and Prologue" at agetfcaptions.blogspot

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originally posted by cj on 2016-02-16, 1 edit, entryid=9337