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Changeday Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: BobH
First Appeared: "Changeday: Five Years" on 22 July 2009


Undefined Cause
From the first story:
There�s a ChangeDay every month. It�s a global event where everyone on the planet has their genre reversed. On the next ChangeDay, they�ll revert back, and so the cycle goes on, people having to lead two different lives from now on.


Open for new stories: Yes
Permission required: No
Permissions contact: Not Applicable
Questions contact: Unknown


As submitted by "guest"

-The months were people are on their birth genre are called the alpha phase, while the others are the beta phase.
-There�s a group of people, the Rejectionists, who rejected the transformations of Changeday and who insist on continuing in her birth-gender, taking hormones and dressing as usual.
-While pregnant, a woman will skip ChangeDay, then cause a phase shift.
-There�s some degree of mental change to go with the physical transformation (different tastes, and such).
-They don�t only switch gender but their genes also shuffle, with traits emerging from family gene pools that they hadn't previously exhibited.
-Some people who had suffered physical infirmity before were now whole again with the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, and the lame walking tall.

A few additional rules as written by the author himself:

1) Though everyone has a theory about the cause of Changeday - God, aliens, natural phenomena, etc -the cause remains unknown. It should stay that way. If there ever is an explanation given, that will be my story to tell.
2) The first Changeday occurred on the first Monday in June. No exact date or year should be given.
3) Changeday is an event that recurs on a Monday every four weeks around the world *simultaneously*. In the UK it happens at 7pm when we're on Summer Time, 6pm on Winter Time. When setting a story elsewhere please check a time-zone map to determine the equivalent time in that location.
4) Please name your story thus - 'Changeday: (insert your title here)'.


"Changeday: Five Years" by BobH at FictionMania

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