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Ghost Whisperer episode Melinda's First Ghost
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode


Getting close to her birthday, Melinda begins to see a ghost of an 8 yr old girl which at first she doesnt reconize. Later she has flashback dreams of when she was 8 and at school learned that a classmate had died and she is confuse because she sees the girl in the classroom and we learn when she saw her first ghost. She tried tell everyone but they think she is imgaining things. The dead girl she sees today is that girl.

The girl thinks it had only been two days so when Melinda is in her night gown in her bedroom and talks to the girl. She asks if she looked older and then we see from her prospective and we see Melinda go from adult to 8 yr old even though this isnt happening but we see the change. Then the girl responds like your birthday older and Melinda respondes its on friday, so you will be 9? Melinda just resondes sure.

Good ar, she didnt really change but seeing the ar was cool

originally posted by guest (Tazz) on 2006-02-01, no edits, entryid=930