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Spells R Us Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Bill Hart
First Appeared:


Magical items sold at mysterious "Spells R Us" shoppe
The mysterious Spells R Us (SRU) shop is usually found in random malls or shopping areas, it is owned (and normally staffed) by an "old man wearing what looks to be a bathrobe". The shop is filled with varied trinkets and sometimes potions, the shopper always seems to choose the item that best fits them, as though it were destined they be joined.

Strangely, the proprietor or his staff always seem to know more about the shopper than they should, and their chosen purchase always seems to be equal to the money that the shopper is carrying.

Sometimes the shop remains in the same place for a short while, while other times it will vanish unnoticed.


Synopsis provided by Mr. Ram

Spells 'R Us is a small shop located in the mall and run by an old man who more often than not wears what looks like a bathrobe. In the shop, magical spells and/or items may be purchased. It is a universe, where, quite obviously, magic works. However, few people believe in magic, which in turn leads to careless and sloppy spellcasting. And when you add in the shopkeeper's somewhat warped sense of humor, just about anything can and does happen. Simply, this universe can be described as: "What you see, ain't necessarily (or usually) what you get." It is also a universe which is easily carved into sub-universes. The "Animal Crackers" and "People Crackers" stories by Michael Rich spring to mind. Each originate at the Spells 'R Us shop, but then each set of crackers takes on its own independence.


Open for new stories:
Permission required:
Permissions contact:
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Guidelines researched and submitted by Mr. Ram

  1. The stories should revolve about the store in the mall "Spells 'R Us" and/or the wizard(s) running it.
  2. Since the universe, is a spin-off of my "Strangeness at the Frat House" story, don't mess with the characters in it. They may appear in your stories, but nothing permanent may be done to them. It's my job to mess those characters up.
  3. Any possible transformation is acceptable.
  4. With the exception of item 2, just about anything is fair game. The only limiting factor is the limit of your imagination.

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