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The Great Shift Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Morpheus
First Appeared: 1998 September 07 with "The Great Shift: Genesis"


The Great Shift

(Text courtesy of crestf July or August 2015, from story linked below)
Some of you may have noticed that I have a tendancy to do a lot of
body switching stories. I tend to enjoy the idea, as well as messing with
families a lot, due to the multiple relationships suddenly changed.
Because of my fondness for body swapping stories, I decided to
create the ultimate body swapping situation. And as a result, I came up with
a story challange/open universe. This is one that I'm calling the Great
The premise is that somewhere in New Mexico, there is a mysterious
explosion, that sends out a wave of invisible energy, that covered the world
within a minute of the explosion. It causes people to suddenly, and randomly
change bodies with other people near by. Usually fairly close, but sometimes
up to several miles apart, depending on the amount of people nearbye.
This isn�t neccessarily a one for one swap, and in fact, usually isn't.
People seem to be pulled out, and randomly thrust back into other human
bodies. However, if they were touching at the moment of the Great Shift,
the likelyhood of their direct swapping seems higher, but not guaranteed.
93% of the human population is suddenly thrust into other peoples bodies,
while some people remain uneffected at all.
Afterwards, the world is obviously messed up, as peoples identities
and pasts are no longer provable. This mixes up the governments,
marriages, families, and legal system, as well as many professions. Religion
gets a sudden boost in popularity since this seems to prove the existance of
the soul, and many new cults form.

This world is an open one, and anyone who wishes too, please go
ahead and use it. If anyone wishes to write a non TG story in it, such as age
regression or age progression, I'd be very happy to see those as well if sent
to me privately.


Open for new stories: Yes
Permission required: Varies
Permissions contact: Morpheus
Questions contact:



Origin Story on Fictionmania:

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