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Costume Gun Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Blot (AKA: dis_guise)
First Appeared:


The Costume Gun
The Costume Gun is a gun that is designed to turn a targeted person into a wearable, living body-suit. Once another person steps inside the body-suit costume, they will be resized and reshaped to fit. The target's memories will be available to the wearer once the costuming is complete.

To return the target person back to normal, the wearer would remove the costume, and shoot it with the Costume Gun again.


Open for new stories: Not Officially
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Collected from reviews on remaining Costume Gun stories on FictionMania

Reviewed by Blot on 08/31/2011

Nice quickie, but the "zipper pull" on the costumes is supposed to be harder to reveal -- otherwise people would accidentally be dismasked too easily. Also, I would hope that the Gun would be sturdier than that... maybe there are several manufacturers and some are made shoddily?

Reviewed by Blot on 08/26/2011

Wow, you do work hard to come up with relatively benign uses of the Gun. Only quibble: the Gun does nothing to the clothes the target is wearing when zapped. Should have made it clear that that's so: girl strips before zap or boy separates her clothes from the her-suit.

Reviewed by Blot on 06/02/2011

@Heather: maybe that would help. It's not that important, so I wouldn't alter and re-submit the story if I were you, unless there are some more serious changes you also need to make.

You do seem to be going to some lengths to find ways in which use of the Gun wouldn't be entirely evil. I suppose that there are more situations in which a woman would want to be made into a costume and worn by someone else: have her husband or boyfriend understand her completely by spending a while as her, cheat on a test or ace a job interview with the right person wearing her, freely or under some coercion become a disguise for a spy or an undercover cop. Of course, there's always the risk that the wearer won't take her off or wears another people-suit over her and gets stuck, on purpose or not.

Reviewed by Blot on 06/02/2011

Oh, and one doesn't age while wearing someone else: taking the Sophia suit off would restore the exact same body that put it on, apart from the extra memories in its head.

Sorry for doing this piecemeal, but I read the story initially on my phone, and I can't get the line lengths provided by the FM site to fit the width of the browser window: they're always too long, and so my tendency to skim a bit gets reinforced, making me miss details of any story I read that way. I need to find a workaround or simply not read stories that way.

I need to read a story thoroughly before I comment. Also, looking at the zap and what he does right afterwards -- again -- it actually should be okay as it is. He took a risk, yes, but what he did was unexpected enough that it could have worked just as you had it work.

Reviewed by Blot on 05/26/2011

Not bad. Full marks for finding a non-evil way to use the Gun, although if someone offered to make a sacrifice like that for me I'd likely turn it down. Also, the new woman has the old one's memories: presumably she knows she can dismask and restore the costume to the woman it was made from -- but she also knows that her original really wanted this. It's... difficult.

I read this on my phone (great having an Android phone and adequate 3G net access) and I'll probably re-read it and find some things to quibble over. I really need to finish that "official rules of the Costume Gun universe" story: the one I'm working on has me (okay, an Author Avatar version of me) zap a beautiful young heiress, put her on, and as her explain (and sometimes demonstrate!) the rules for the universe -- and get stuck in her on purpose, of course. ("Hey, I created her, I can steal her life...")

Reviewed by Blot on 05/26/2011

Okay, one quibble. Tom, on being restored after Joan uses the Gun on him and wears him briefly, believes rightly that the Gun worked. Why? He should have no memories of anything that happened between a minute or two before he was zapped and being restored. For all he knows, he could have just passed out for another reason. Apart from that, I think you've gotten everything right.

Reviewed by Blot on 05/28/2011

Oh, and an obvious sequel would be for her to zap some young, attractive, but downright evil person, male or female, and put on the resulting costume right over the one she's already wearing. I just suspect that there isn't anyone bad enough to treat this way, or if there is, who'd want to assume that person's identity? I suppose there'd also be the influence of having the baddie's memories and a copy of his or her brain as well: it might be unpleasant, or lead to "becoming the mask."

Reviewed by Blot on 05/23/2011

Not bad. It's not in my style -- no surprise, and it shouldn't be anyway -- and I'm starting to see some of the weaknesses of the first-person recollection that is usual for my own Costume Gun stories (notably, too much telling and not enough showing, the obvious problem for me as well). A good effort, a good yarn, and I can't really fault it.

One quibble: the memory gap caused by a zap should maybe be just slightly longer. Perhaps it varies with the model of Gun and the individual zapped, though.

Reviewed by Blot on 05/23/2011

On a re-reading, the memory gaps seem about right. Some of the details about the Gun probably were superfluous here and don't advance the story (such as the three 9-volt batteries), but I can see that you were doing your best to keep things canon.

Interesting that any one Gun doesn't get used a lot: most people who get one use it once or twice, then hide it or discard it, apart from that modeling agency. I really should write a story that's a bit like the novel Happy Anniversary Cosmic Sponge: A Memoir, by Gregory Erickson, in which someone with the ability to take over bodies (the former bodies end up gibbering and insane, or dead) goes from one to another to another over the course of a long and far-from-usual life. In this case it wouldn't be an innate talent allowing a series of new stolen lives, but merely zapping someone new and putting the costume on (over the last one, or after taking off the last one).

Reviewed by Heather St. Claire on 05/23/2011

@Blot...appreciate your thoughts. I would like to try out a very different idea for a CG story that came to me today. Question: if a chronically ill person puts on a costume created from a healthy person, their illness will be "cured" as long as they keep the costume on, correct?

Reviewed by Blot on 05/23/2011

Yeah, you essentially become who you wear, physically, and as much in mind and self as you like. So a sick old man could wear a healthy young woman and be healthy, with or without putting another costume on over the her-costume. He could be the woman for fifty years, then take her off and even restore her (fifty years older, with that long a memory gap) -- almost nastier than killing her, really.

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