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Ultimate App Universe
Categories:Fictional Worlds and Universes
Created by: Toxic Allie
First Appeared: "The Ultimate App Part 1"


The Ultimate App
The Ultimate App is a fictional smartphone application, created by Toxic Allie. It is a derivative of the Master PC story-verse, with a larger emphasis on body transformation, instead of just mind control.

The App is first spotted by the users as a "Suggested App". There is no true explanation as to how it a user is chosen, though browser history seems to play a factor. It greets the user by name, which is awkward for an app page, but is dismissed as the phone accessing person information to display the name.

Once downloaded, the App greets the user by name and gives a quick synopsis as to the capabilities of the app. There is Facebook and browser integration as well as an option to open the phone's photo library and camera.


Open for new stories: Yes.
Permission required: No
Permissions contact:
Questions contact:


The features of the App allow for:

  • Physical transformation of the body (including internal organs)
  • Transformation of fabrics and particles to allow clothing and makeup to change
  • Mental transformation
  • Mind control

The process is as follows:

Upload/Choosing subject:
  • User can upload photograph of selected target from their photo library, their linked Facebook account, or the browser
  • Alternatively they can also use the camera and take a photo of a person on the street
  • Photos can be stored for quick access
  • Pictures taken while in another form are usable

  • User can transform into any one they choose via uploaded photograph
  • The original person will still exist. For example; if a user transforms into Jennifer Lawrence, the real Jennifer Lawrence is still out and about, unaware of their doppelganger's existence.
  • The actual transformation is rather fast
  • Clothing will not change along with body, unless "triple play" transformation is chosen (physical, mental, clothing)
  • Clothing can be transformed, so long as an article is worn that can represent. Ex: If user is wearing sandels with no socks, and the image used for transformation has heels with stockings, the stockings will not materialize.

Mind Control:
  • User can either type or speak commands which will be sent to the subject and received
  • Mental changes are wiped once the user taps the "refresh" option, enters in a stop command or has given a time limit.
  • The App will not allow for a command to be sent if it will result in the physical harm of the subject or turning them into a slave of any kind

The Ultimate App can be found across all operating systems. Only the user whose phone it is installed on can access it.

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