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Categories:Gender, Anime, television episode,body swap,possession


The main premise of the show was about our protagonist, Yuuta. After some unfortunate events, his soul managed to get detached from his original body, and he must prevent himself from getting excited from seeing panties, or else the world will end.

In episode 4
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Vg vf erirnyrq gb Lhhgn, gung ur unf gur novyvgl gb cbffrff crbcyr. Ur gurersber cebprrqf gb cbffrff Enohen va beqre gb jnea Vgb nobhg ure vzzvarag qnatre.

In episode 6
After an epic battle with turtle-man, during their new years celebration; the tenants, Rabura and Ito were teasing Mikatan that she was having a crush on Yuuta. However, it was revealed by
Meika that...
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Lhhgn jnf npghnyyl hazvfgnxnoyl ovbybtvpnyyl srznyr, naq gung ure erny anzr jnf Lh Vevqngfh, naq Lhhgn jnf whfg n anzr fur pnyyrq urefrys. Zrvxn fnvq gung vg jnf n irel frafvgvir vffhr gung'f jul gung fur arire gbyq nobhg vg hagvy abj.

In episode 7
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Gur cbvag gung Lhhgn jnf srznyr jnf cebira qhevat n synfuonpx ba uvf cnfg; Cvar, Thevxb, naq Puvlbxb, qhevat gurve rfpncr sebz gur erfrnepu snpvyvgl, gurl fjnc obqvrf jvgu rnpu bgure.Jvgu Cvar orvat va Puvlbxb'f obql, Thevxb va Cvar'f, naq Puvlbxb va Thevxb'f. Abj guvf erirnyf gung bhe znva cebgntbavfg vf npghnyyl Cvar va Puvlbxb'f obql nyy nybat.

originally posted by O2MO on 2015-05-24, no edits, entryid=9268