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Green Lantern: The Lost Army - Sneak Peek and #1
Categories:Female, Gender, Alien, Shapeshifter, Comic Book
  • DC Comics - DC You
  • Release dates: May and June 2015


Xrill-Vrek is a new character and member of the Green Lantern Corps. Xrill has the power of "morphic empathy", which means she can assume not just the form but also take on the thoughts and mindset of species she encounters. Her powers seem to be directed not just be her own will, but by her proximity to others and the strength of their thoughts and emotions.

In her first appearance in the Sneak Peek issue of "Lost Army", Xrill's first appearance is as a female humanoid with Arisia's blond hair and green eyes and John Stewart's tan skin tone. Later, during a fight with some unknown entities, the tips of Xrill's hair turn white and her eyes begin to turn red as she begins to mimic Two-Six, the female Numericonian member of the Green Lanterns. Still later, Xrill takes on the properties of the shapeless yellow/orange entities, called "cleaners", while she retains the form of a female humanoid.

The story picks up again in Green Lantern: Lost Army #1. Xrill is in the hybrid cleaner/humanoid female shape for most of the issue until the team finds Guy Gardner with both green and red power rings. After a tense exchange between Stewart and Gardner, Xrill morphs into a clone of Guy.

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