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Bücür Cadi
Categories:Animal, Age, Inanimate, Gender, Television show


Turkish TV show about a little witch girl and her mother, who really like to punish bad people by transforming them.

episodes of interest:
02 - TF: man into duck and back
03 - GENDER: man into woman, TF: man into duck and back, man into bird
04 - TF: bird into man
05 . TF: men into dogs, GENDER: men into women
09 - TF/INANIMATE: woman into devil, into inanimate objects, man into duck
10 - TF: duck into man, man into bird and back
13 - SIZE: men shrunken, put in jar
15 - TF: man into duck and back, INANIMATE: men into tea pots
16 - INANIMATE men, woman into tea pots
18 - AGE: man into old man, INANIMATE: man into pickaxe
20 - TF: man into fish, INANIMATE: man into pool toy and back
21 - TF: fish into man
23 - TF: woman into clown and back, man into potted plant and back
27 - INANIMATE: man and woman into stuffed toys
28 - INANIMATE: stuffed toys into man and woman, woman into doll and back, girl into melting candle
29 - TF: men into chicken
30 - TF: man into dog
31 - TF: man into bird
32 - TF: bird into man
33 - INANIMATE: man into balloon
34 - TF: men (dressed in animal costumes) into turtles
35 - INANIMATE: man (in animal costume) into stuffed toy
38 - INANIMATE: men and women into spoons, into eggs, and back
48 - TF: girl into turkey
53 - TF: man into pigeon
57 - INANIMATE: girl into skeleton and back
58 - GENDER/TF: girl into african native man and back
64 - ANIMAL: girl cursed to sound like a sheep
69 - ANIMAL: girl cursed to sound like a rooster
72 - ANIMAL: girl cursed to bark like a dog
73 - TF: girls get black skin
79 - man into man with a bear costume
84 - INANIMATE: girl into pumpkin and back
92 - TF: man into goat

List may not be complete.

originally posted by paul on 2016-08-02, 1 edit, entryid=9255