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Kid turns into bug in Movie Theater commercial Creepy Crawlers (Toymax?)
  • Categories:Misc, Commercial


Back in around 1998, when Creepy Crawlers was probably near the end of its popularity, they aired one more commercial.

Opens with a city skyline with CG bugs flying around, one zooming into the camera, cuts to a scene with big green spiders crawling around out of a sewer drain, then people in greyscale running out of a subway that a giant ant is coming out of. Next part shows a kid waving his arms and egging the bugs on (his minions?)

Pictures show the toy, making bugs, then a (very badly acted) "evil laugh" as CG make his machine look like all the created bug sare flying out of it.
Goes on to talk about glow in the dark bugs,

Then the final scene I don't remember that well:
Kid is in movie theater, and rears his arms back, and as he does, he turns into a huge bug /cockroach? thing, and the audience members next to him shy away in terror.

originally posted by guest (SoreThumb) on 2006-11-23, no edits, entryid=92