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Concrete Park vol. 1 You Send Me
Categories:Male, Gender, Shapeshifter, Comic Book
  • Vol. 1 hardcover published by Dark Horse Comics October 2014
  • Originally published in Dark Horse Presents #7-9 (2011) and #14-17 (2012)


Concrete Park is set in a future where the underclass of Earth are shipped to another planet, Oasis, to mine for resources. Oasis' main city, Scare City, is nothing but block after block of urban battleground. One of the colorful characters in Scare City is the hustler Monkfish. Monkfish is a shapeshifter who uses his ability to pull off scams, and he is under the protection of Luca, the boss of the all-female gang the M-80s.

In Chapter 2 (Dark Horse Presents #8), he does a quick one-panel morph into Lena, Luca's mysterious alien lover as Luca runs past him. In Chapter 5 (Dark Horse Presents #15), he runs into Luca's three M-80s lieutenants to tell them their boss fell into a trap, and the readers learn that he has morphed into each of them in the past (no TFs or flashbacks, though). In Chapter 6 (DHP #16), he does a brief morph from a random Potato King thug into Luca herself as the M-80s come to rescue their leader.


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