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Das Schulgespenst
  • Categories:Movie, German, Ghost


Carola Huflattich is a tomboy, preferring jeans over skirts. If it wasn't for her friend Willi, she would probably fail all classes except PE. When she one day manages to break her chair in class, she is sent to the janitor to fetch a replacement. Hearing him being called away, she hides and sneaks into his room full of odd stuff. A broken TV blowing up scares her so much that she calls for help. When teachers come to her rescue, she makes up the excuse that she saw a ghost. As they don't see anything besides a stuffed owl, she says it dissapeared into thin air. She grabs the air in front of her but obviously can't convince the teachers. When she is sent back to class, she puts the air in her hand into her pocket.

In class she hears a voice calling her "dearest mom". It says Carola gave it the name "Buh, I'm afraid" and asks to be given a shape. She wishes for it to become the paper boat on the table, which the starts to move on its own. After school she draws a body for Buh on the black board but Buh is unhappy with it. Buh rather wants to look like Carola and so they make an agreement to swap bodies in school (except for breaks and PE). Carola just has to take the small mirror left by the teacher and say the words "Buhuu, Buhuu, Buhuuu" to make her thansform info Buh (but with pigtails on her head) and Buh transform into Carola.

Buh in Carola's body strives to become an ideal student. Having done the homework at night in ghost form, Buh does not need to copy it from Willi and stops hanging out with him. When Carola approaches Buh to switch back for PE, Buh refuses and puts the mirror back into the teacher's hands. After convincing Willi, Carola and Willi try everything to change her back.


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