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Haunted Hathaways
Categories:Age, Gender, Possession, Television Show


Show feature family that moved into a house that is haunted by the ghost of a former family who resided there.

Multiple possessions ensue.

- Haunted Pilot: Eldest Teen ghost boy (Miles) possesses eldest teen daughter (Taylor) to impress her friends.
- Haunted Volleyball: Youngest ghost boy (Louie) possesses youngest girl (Frankie) to give her a confidence boost.
- Haunted Halloween: The attractive mother (Michelle) gets possessed by an evil ghost.
- Haunted Principal: Miles possesses Michelle to embarrass her during a date.
- Haunted Prank: Miles possesses Taylor's best friend (Emma) to help win a gymnastics competition.
- Haunted Bowling Alley: Louie possesses Frankie so he can be a rapper.
- Haunted Newbie: Taylor gives Louie permission to possess her in order to give her gymnastics team a morale boost.
- Mostly Ghostly Girl: Taylor gets Miles to possess her to win an arm wrestle.
- Haunted Thundermans: Phoebe is possessed by the episode's antagonist, the Green Ghoul so he can use her body's superpowers for evil

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