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The Devil's Carnival
Categories:Gender, Movie, Musical


The Devil's Carnival is a musical and the follow up movie to Repo! The Genetic Opera. They are two different films written and directed by the same people. Three souls, an obssessed father, a gullible teenager, and a thief are cast to Hell after their deaths. They are brought to the Devil's carnival filled with carni demons and Satan himself. Lucifer reads three stories from Aesop's Fables which has a hellish take on the stories, and each coincides with the characters meeting their fate and having their eternal damnation cemented.

The first of the three stories involves the thief as Aesop's story, "The Dog and Her Reflection", and features one of the carnival's performers The Twin (played by Ohgr of Skinny Puppy) who has reptilian looking skin. Miss Merrywood (the thief, played by Briana Evigan) is looking for the game to win the world's largest diamond, and finds it with The Twin being the carni tending to it. He begins to sing and then pulls an egg out of his hat, at that point the camera swings behind Merrywood's head and reveals a clone of Merrywood standing were The Twin was and wearing his clothes. Her face then shifts and we see half her face become green and scaley like The Twins, indicating that he is the dog's reflection.

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Shadow Takes All - Devil's Carnival

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