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Monster Dog
Categories:Were, Movie, Horror


This 1984 horror film (also known as the Bite and Leviatan) stars Alice Cooper as a rockstar named Vince Raven who goes to his old childhood home to shoot a music video for his latest song, while at a party he is interrupted when he hears strange noises, he goes outside to find a family of wild dogs outside his house growling at him, he is outnumbered by them and attacked.

An old man warns that everyone is going to die except for Vince, Vince's wife has nightmares about the wild dogs and of the old man killing everyone, she then tells them about how her husband Vince became a werewolf.

As numerous attacks are reported, Vince begins to grow worried and gets out a shotgun.

Later on in the movie Vince turns into the werewolf or "monster dog" and gets shot by his own wife at the end who laughs and cries because she is the only one left.

originally posted by guest(Nathan Forester) on 2011-07-24, 1 edit, entryid=9023