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Elizabeth Jewell book A Matter of Faces
Categories:Male, Gender, Ebook, Book


When a woman, Piper, has a one-night stand with a man who looks exactly like her dead boyfriend Billy, she discovers that the man is a shape-shifter named Trey. Trey, who can make himself look anyone, is obligated to do - and be - whatever Piper wants in exchange for her not telling anyone about shape-shifters.

Much of this short novella is about Trey taking various male guises as fantasy fulfillment for Piper. Trey can easily change gender, however, and does so in a few short sequences...

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The story continues in the sequel "A Matter of Duty", in which Trey must impregnate a female shape-shifter, Nadia. This leads to tension between the shapeshifters and their human spouses.

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