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Happy Tree Friends TV Show episode In a Jam
  • Categories:Inanimate, Television Episode


I missed the name of this episode.

Russell (the sea otter), Lumpy (the moose), and Handy (the beaver) form a rock band with Sniffles (the anteater) as the band's technician. When Russell dies because of a electrical problem, They need a new guitarist. Cuddles (the bunny) wants to step up and become a rock star, but she has no money to buy a guitar. So she goes to sell blood at the seeing impaired Mole (the ... mole). The Mole misses Cuddles' arm with the first needle and instead sticks the chair, but still manages to pump out what I can only describe as Chair Blood.
He then takes some actual blood from Cuddles (causing much pain). But the ends justifies the means becuase Cuddles gets that guitar and the band signs her up (after she got her eye poked out by a loose string).
At the band's first gig, Cuddles inadvertantly kills all of her band mates and Sniffles, and injures herself. The Mole rushes in on the scene and tries to offer Cuddles some medical attention and tries to get her back some of the blood she has lost. Only he pulls out the Chair Blood and pumps that into her instead, causing her to turn into change into a reclining chair, in which the Mole then sits down in and puts his feet up.

The moral of this story: "He who pays the piper calls the tune."

Very graphic, absolutely terrible, but just so entertainning to watch.

Also, if anyone happened to catch the name of this episode, please tell me.

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