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Categories:Inanimate, Movie


This movie is a horror anthology like Tales From The Crypt, it's directed by George Romero and it's based on stories by Stephen King with special fx by Tom Savini

In one segment titled The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, a dimwitted yokel (played by Stephen King himself) who thinks that a newly discovered meteorite from outer space will provide enough money from the local college to pay off a loan, instead he finds himself over-come by a rapidly growing plant-like organism that begins to sprout on his body after he touches a glowing green substance from within the meteorite changing him into a plant creature, but the itching becomes too much to bear he gives into temptation and collapses into the bathwater.

By the next morning him and his farm have all been covered completely with dense layers of the same alien vegetation, despaired - he gets out a shotgun and blows his own head off.

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