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Eureka Seven AO episodes 6, 7, 13
Categories:Gender, Male, Anime, Animated

  • Episode 6, "Light My Fire (noblesse oblige)", Aired May 17, 2012
  • Episode 7, "No One is Innocent (bye bye angel)", Aired May 24, 2012
  • Episode 13, "She's a Rainbow (moonlight ship)", Aired July 12, 2012


The mysterious shape-shifter Truth debuts in Episode 6. In Myanmar, a boy soldier for a drug-running ring shoots a government spy, and later mimics the balding boss who orders his men to attack government forces.

In Peru, the Peruvian president's men surround an Asian man wearing glasses and a suit, a "financial advisor" who destroyed the country's economy. The man kills all of the bodyguards (off-camera). When a mecha rises from the sea to attack the man, the pilot sees a violet-haired woman in an evening dress standing where the man had been, in front of a stunned president. The woman disables the mecha with a swipe of her arm and kills the president. She flies off in the mecha, and is seen again later in the episode when she decides she needs to meet Ao of Generation Bleu in Switzerland.

In Episode 7, Truth is seen in all four of the forms mentioned above while approaching the Generation Bleu base, then settles on his "usual" human form, an androgynous male with light blue hair. He later disguises himself as Ao to get close to the boy's friend Naru in Okinawa.

Truth appears in other forms in other episodes in the series, notably Episode 13. He first appears as a woman in a bikini on a Japanese Navy ship, and later as Ao's mother Eureka.

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