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My Babysitter's a Vampire episode "Three Cheers for Evil"
Categories:Age, Age Progression, Television Episode


Two boys discover their new friend is a Vampire, and help her fight other supernatural phenomenon around their school. There are other vampires at the boys' school. One of the boys has special psychic powers inherited from his grandmother, who is a witch.

In one episode, a new cheerleader named Stephanie is planning to cast a spell using the cheerleading squad to form a pentagram and using an incantation disguised as a cheer during a pep rally in an attempt to gain immortality by draining the souls of those at the rally. The boys infiltrate the cheerleading group in wigs and cheerleader uniforms, and discover that Stephanie is really a witch from their grandmother's high school days. She wanted to try out for cheerleading, but the other cheerleaders made fun of her. After defeating the witch, Stephanie transforms back into her older self, and ends up later at the school as the new school lunch cafeteria attendant.

originally posted by guest on 2011-06-30, 1 edit, entryid=8985