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Yugo and Lala
Categories:Cartoon, 3D, Animal

Genre: CGI-Animation
Run Time: 80 min
Language: Mandarin
Director(s): WANG Yun-fei
Year: 2012
Countries of Origin: China


Yugo meets a white "liger" - half lion, half tiger - who introduces itself as Lala. Shocked that she can understand the animal's language, Yugo chases Lala up a mountain where a giant Cloud Whale swallows them whole. Inside its stomach there are many different creatures, all excitedly being transported to Animal Paradise where only 99 chosen ones are admitted every ten years. But human beings are forbidden in the kingdom; any that stay for more than 3 days will be transformed into an animal. Yugo seeks help from Uncle Bear to find the way home. As time is about to run out, Yugo and Lala uncover Tiger General's plot to open a magical portal and turn every human being in the world into an animal. As Yugo's friends are transformed into animals, she desperately finds a way to destroy the gateway only to discover that her friend Lala is the portal...

originally posted by guest(Inry) on 2013-01-02, no edits, entryid=8927