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Dirty Pair episode 7
Categories:Gender, Anime


An impressive wedding ceremony in underway as Crikey, the teenage son of resort magnate Gold Jeff, is led against his will to the alter by seven future brides (all handpicked by his father). The mysterious and beautiful Joanka suddenly makes and appearance and kidnaps the lad.
Upon receiving a ransom note Gold Jeff calls 3WA. All is not as it seems, for Crikey and Joanka are in love and are actually plotting to revenge themselves upon Crikey's scheming, dictatorial father by bilking him of a few cool billions.
In the meantime (in a decidedly odd story twist), the young lovers win an all expense-paid vacation to "fabulous: Grebus Island for being the umpteenth customers to enter a fast-food restaurant. They determine to make Grebus their pickup site.
Enter Kei and Yuri, whom have been hired to make the ransom drop. However, Gold Jeff has secretly installed a mind control device in the handle of the money case, which forces Joanka to proclaim that she only used Crikey to get the dough and has never truly cared for him. Fortunately true love gives Joanka the strength to overcome the device's control and she flings away the case, money and all, and thus forces Gold Jeff's hand.
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The Pair, seeing Gold Jeff for the man he is, are furious at having been used and decide to come to the couple's aid. Alas, they arrive at Gold Jeff's base too late to save Joanka from being launched in a rocket on a fifty-year course through deep space. At sub light speeds, only a year also will pass for her, but Crickey will grow old and grey...
The Girls have no recourse other than to assist Crikey to takeoff after his beloved in a similar vessel. Filled with remorse for his wicked deeds and with the love of his son Gold Jeff breaks loose from the 3WA agents grasp and launches himself in yet another projectile, leaving poor Kei and Yuri wonder about the meaning of it all

originally posted by O2MO on 2011-11-20, no edits, entryid=8891