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Kaito Kid
Categories:Gender, Male, Comic, Anime


Kuroba Kaito is a high school student who also happens to moonlight as the infamous theif Kaito Kid. He has his own series, Magic Kaito, created by Detective Conan creator Gosho Aoyama. However ever since the debut of Detective Conan chapters have been irregular. However, Kid himself appears fairly frequently in Detective Conan as an adversary for Conan who must always foil his attempted heists. During his appearances he usually appears in disguise and it's up to Conan to figure out who he really is as he can flawlessly disguise himself as either men or women.

Disguises used so far:

Various security guards
Saguru Hakuba - A young detective out to get Kid.
Paul - A stage magician.
Various police officers
Curator Kondo - A museum curator.
Katsuki Doito - A medical student.
Kogori Mouri - Ran Mouri's father and a detective.
Jirokichi Suzuki - Sonoko Suzuki's uncle.
Ginzo Nakamori - Aoko Nakamori's father; a detective out to get Kid.
Genta Kojima - A child and member of the Detective Boys Club.
Obese Man
A random cop

Princess Anne - Princess of a foreign nation.
Aoko Nakamori (twice) - Ginzo's daughter and Kuroba's friend/love interest.
Girl - Nameless girl to sneak into an all-girl's hot spring.
Woman - Nameless woman to flee from the cops.
Ran Mouri - Kogoro's daughter and the friend/love interest of Conan/Shinichi.
Eri Senju - A treasure hunting old woman.
Mizuki Seto - A young maid.
Hiroka Sumitomo - The middle-aged assistant of a rich old woman.
Shiho Miyano - Ai Haibara's identity before being de-aged to a child.
Masumi Sera - Detective and martial artist; classmate and friend of Ran and Sonoko (and Conan).
Sonoko Suzuki - Ran's best friend.

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