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Junior G
Categories:Misc Transformation, Television Show


Junior G was an Indian children tv show about a young, magical super hero fighting magical enemies.

episodes of interest:
005 - TF: boy into goat, SIZE: man changes his size
006 - SIZE: boy,man change their sizes, TF: goat into boy
012 - AGE: men into old men
014 - AGE: men into old men and back
022 - TF: man into rabbit
023 - TF: man into horse
034 - SIZE?: Dwarf inhabits boy
047 - TF: cat into woman
048 - TF: snake into woman, flame into woman, SIZE: man shrinks/grows, AGE: girl into woman
050 - INANIMATE: man into statue and back
052,053,055 - TF: cat/snake into women and back
066 - AGE: woman into girl, ANIMAL: men behave like mice
067 - ANIMAL: man behaves like a dog, woman like a cat, men like donkey and monkey
069 - ANIMAL: people behave like animals
086,087,088 - INANIMATE: children freeze/into statues
089 - FURRY: man into snakeman (includes VORE)
090,091 INANIMATE: frozen children return to normal
092 - SIZE: man shrinks
101 - TF: boy into monkey
111,112,113,114 - SIZE: boy becomes giant
124 - SIZE: boy shrinks/grows
126 - TF: boy into monkey
127 - TF: woman shrinks and changes into chicken
132 - GENDER: male robot disguises as girl

The show is available on youtube, legally uploaded by an Indian network as it seems.

originally posted by guest(grenzgaenger) on 2012-06-15, no edits, entryid=8887