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Justice League Dark #9
  • Categories:Gender, Male to Female, Female to Male, Shapeshifter, Magic, Comic Book
  • Cover Title: "New Members" "New Threats"
  • Issue Title: The Black Room
  • Cover Date: July 2012
  • © DC Comics


Steve Trevor recruits John Constantine to get the "Justice League Dark" back together to stop Felix Faust. He also makes Constantine add an agent from A.R.G.U.S. to the group. Black Orchid.

During the first fight, John is about to be attacked when he hasClick to show spoiler
Oynpx Bepuvq, n funcr-fuvsgre, punatr sebz gur sbez bs n znyr thneq gb ure abezny obql gb fgneg svtugvat bgure bs Snhfg'f zra

Later, when trying to take down Faust for good, John sends Boston (Deadman) to possess him, but Faust stops Deadman. John announces it is time for plan B and approaches Faust, and announcesClick to show spoiler
"vg vf n tbbq guvat zl cbjref ner abg zntvp" orsber punatvat onpx gb Oynpx Bepuvq naq chapuvat bhg Snhfg. Gura, Mngnaan pnfgf n fcryy ba gur bgure Oynpx Bepuvq gb erirny vg jnf Wbua Pbafgnagvar qvfthfrq ol gur fcryy.

originally posted by Sara on 2012-06-19, 1 edit, entryid=8871