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Horizontes Perdidos / Falka
Categories:gender, comic book


Horizontes Perdidos / Falka is a comic book series of science fiction in eight episodes, scripted and designed by Juan Zanotto between 1993 and 2003. Episodes 1 and 2 were published first in Argentina, the other being published first in Italy (as "Orizzonti perduti / Falka")

The protagonist is Falka, an alien humanoid amazon. After the first 5 episodes Horizontes Perdidos was renamed, becoming just Falka for 3 more episodes.


In fact, under the guise of beautiful curvy woman warrior Falka hides Lieutenant Dan Darnell of the Galactic Confederacy, who during a combat mission on planet Alphard IV decides to experiment on himself the prototype of a portable biomolecular conversor and disguise from his pursuers (episode 1). Darnell can not reverse the transformation before it becomes irreversible due to a series of events, He lost and found twice the bioconversor, but first the battery is low, later the device is damaged irreparably in a shootout. Despite the anguish of his situation, Falka casually uses her new feminine features to enter the city of the Amazons and free his girlfriend Beverly. Even when at the end Falka and Bev are saved by a rescue team of their space station, there is nothing left to do to help Lieutenant Darnell to return to his male body, therefore, He is forced to stay as a woman for the rest of his life (episode 2).

After a short stay on the central planet of the Confederation, Darnell returns for a mission to Alphard IV as Amazon Falka (episode 3), a role which He adopts permanently in later episodes. Falka is accepted by Amazons as one of them and even has a chance to become the Queen, but renounces to introduce democracy in their society (episodes 4-5). After leaving the city of the Amazons, Falka ventures alone in the other hemisphere of the planet (episodes 6-8). In these last three episodes titled differently now, no longer is mentioned explicitly that Falka was a man, although there are several clues to his mysterious past.

The series consists of a pentalogy and a trilogy quite done, but several points remain unresolved without a sequel due to the author's death.


The setting is related to classical themes from science fiction, but the peculiarity of the story is primarily the change of sex and life of Lt. Darnell, which leads to many erotic ideas. Falka is constantly threatened by the men she meets. He can just barely keep them away. Towards the end of episode 2 He willingly reciprocates the love of two young lesbian amazons and continues to desire Bev, but by the middle of the same episode, despite the instructions of bioconversor explaining that the change is only physical (at least during the reversible phase transformation), the change in his body leads Falka to retain a "unexpected attraction to a male character". In later episodes Falka is strict in rejecting the advances of many different men she meets. In return, for the last two episodes Falka discovers maternal instinct when helping an orphan girl.

The name Shangri-La of the space station, where Dan and Beverly leave from, is a tribute to the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton (1933).

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