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Ethan? issues 1-2
Categories:Gender, Male, Comic Book
  • 2010, GG Studio Comics
  • Originally published in Italian (available translated into English)


After Ethan Babylon, an American criminal living in a future Tokyo, is killed by a Yakuza assassin, his soul finds itself in the body of a killer named Ronnie Mossberg. When the Tokyo cops end up killing Ronnie, Ethan ends up in the body of a Japanese police officer. Ethan finds that when the body he's in dies, his soul ends up in a nearby body.

In the second issue, his soul jumps the gender line...
Click to show spoiler
Jura Rguna, va gur obql bs gur pebbxrq pbc Xragneb Gnxnfuvznln, bssref gb tvir n evqr gb n pbebare, Qe. Xhzv Ubabqn, gurl trg vagb na nhgb nppvqrag naq Gnxnfuvznln'f obql qvrf. Rguna jnxrf hc va orq arkg gb Ubabqn'f yrfovna ybire, Gnavn, naq svaqf ur'f va Ubabqn'f obql. Ur gevrf gb yvir ure yvsr juvyr pbagvahvat gb vairfgvtngr gur zheqre bs uvf bevtvany obql. Yngre Rguna/Xhzv naq Gnavn ner zheqrerq ol "Wbr" n.x.n. Fnbev, gur srznyr nffnffva jub xvyyrq uvf bevtvany obql. Rguna raqf hc va Wbr'f obql naq tbrf gb pbasebag ure obff, gur zna jub beqrerq gur uvg.

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