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"Micro Management" episode of Danny Phantom


Danny Phantom is weak at Gym. In order to get ready to take the Presidental Fitness Test, Dash is assigned as his "fitness buddy." Things get difficult when Skullker comes back for revenge and Danny's Dad wants to try out his new shrink ray (the Fenton Crammer). Danny, Dash, and Skullker are all shrunk down to a tiny size. In his tiny size, Danny is gradually losing his ghost powers. Now they have to get back into the house and use the ray to unshrink themselves and Danny has to hurry lest he reveal his secret identity to Dash and Danny learns a lesson on "relying on your natural abilities".

The transformation is quick and the proportation is not constant. Sometimes they're small enough to have a bead of sweat be enough to drown them, other times they are large enough to ride a mouse.

Overall: A good episode.

Dash: "I don't do puny!"

originally posted by KitsuneKit on 2006-02-13, 4 edits, entryid=885