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Green Lantern Corps issue 7
Categories:Gender, Alien, Shapeshifter, Comic Book
  • DC Comics
  • Issue title: "The Dark Side of Green (Part One)"
  • Cover date: December 2007


Guy Gardner and his rookie partner R'amey Holl go to an ice planet to give a message to Green Lantern black ops leader Von Daggle, a shape-shifting Durlan, but things don't go as planned. When they are attacked by Daggle and left for dead on the planet's surface without their Lantern rings, Gardner needs Holl, a female Monarchist with butterfly wings, to fly them back under the surface of the planet to confront Daggle. She somehow manages to fly them back inside, and Guy attacks what he thinks is Daggle shape-shifted into a beast form.

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originally posted by DaveS on 2011-11-30, 1 edit, entryid=8793