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About Monday by Sydney Laine Allan
Categories:body swap, female, book


Jenny Brown isn't a millionaire, nor is she model-perfect or a member of MENSA like her coworker Monica Starke. That is, until she makes a wish one Monday night and wakes up the next morning in Monica's French lingerie. Somehow they've traded bodies and lives. And all it takes is twenty-four hours of walking in Monica's Manolo Blahniks to learn her life isn't the fairytale-come-true Jenny'd always thought it was. So she decides to fix a few things, including Monica's relationship with ex-boyfriend Jason Foxx.Jason has had it with Monica. She's selfish, whiney and has sold his grandmother's Art Glass to a junk dealer. After she lets the insurance lapse on her leased car, he has it repossessed. That night she pays him a visit, but the woman standing on his front porch seems like an entirely different woman from the one he broke up with. He quickly finds himself falling in love with her all over again...or at least he thinks he has, until a few weeks later when he meets Jenny Brown.It's a story of two women, one man, and a crazy Monday night that changes all their lives forever.

originally posted by guest(Dreamstalker) on 2011-08-30, 1 edit, entryid=8740