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Secrets at Echowood College
Categories:ebook, gender, male to female, magical, misc transformation


Far from civilization, tucked away in the mountains, was Echowood College, a private institution that pursued cutting-edge research, development, and new discoveries. But when one of their students accidentally stumbled upon one of their more sensitive and secretive research projects, everything began to unravel.

The secret project was a mysterious and unexplained orb, a sphere with supernatural powers. Anyone who held it had the power to transform and alter the appearance of any living person or creature at will. And there were other spheres too, with other powers.

When Melissa, a student, accidentally stumbled upon it, she felt drawn to the sphere and had to touch it. The instant she did, she felt its power and needed to control it. She stole it out of the lab and brought it back to her dorm. She used it on herself, changing her appearance, making herself more beautiful and sensual -- something both she and her boyfriend enjoyed in the bedroom.

But when the Resident Advisor came to her room looking for the missing sphere, Melissa and her boyfriend were trapped with nowhere to go. Melissa lived in a girls-only dorm and it was very late after hours. If her boyfriend got caught, it surely meant expulsion. So she quickly used the sphere on him, temporarily transforming him into a woman, to hide his true identity.

It prevented him from getting caught, but unfortunately, the sphere also strangely disappeared. With no way to change him back, Melissa's boyfriend would be stuck as a girl. Convinced the sphere was somehow returned to the lab without her knowledge, Melissa committed to finding it and using it again. She had to turn her boyfriend back, yes, but she also lusted after its power, and wanted to use it again and again for her own pleasure.

In her search, she came across other secrets of this institution: experiments that were changing students, and the world, in ways unimaginable. Little did she know that all the while, hidden among them, was a student from the future, sent back in time to stop it all before everything got out of hand.


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