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Hey, Al
Categories:Animal, Book
Author: Arthur Yorinks


"Hey, Al" is a children's storybook about a janitor named Al and his dog Eddie. Both live in NYC and are quite unhappy with thier spot in life...until one day a giant bird pops in Al's window and offers to take them away from it all. They accepts and the birds take them away to a floating island in the sky and all is perfect for a few days...and then the island's dark secret emerges. The two wake up one day to find that they both are turning into birds, Al starts becoming an eagle while Eddie becomes a duck. Neither want that feathery fate and using their new wings both try to fly back to New York. They succeed and revert back to their original forms in the process.

The transformations are actually quite detailed for a kids' book. Images are available at the Circe's Funhouse site

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