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Millie - He's Now A Comic Book Fashion Model
Categories:Gender, Short Story, Small Press


Written by 'Tommy' circa 1998.

It's a 52 page short story/novel with several full pages of b/w illustrations. Set in the 1950's, the plot has 12 year old Tommy waking up in the body of the grown up female body of Millie the Model (from the world of Marvel Comics), the star of the comic book he fell asleep reading the night before. He soon realizes that Millie is still in her body with him, but has no control over the body. Tommy is in charge, much to her dismay. Luckily Tommy is a nice boy and does what she wants him to do until he can figure out how to get back to his own life.

And what Millie wants him to do is get dressed as she would, go to work as a model modeling dresses, bikinis and even underwear, like she would, and be nice to her boyfriend/photographer - like she would!

Months go by and a modeling trip to Europe, and Tommy is still stuck in charge of a grown woman's body. So he and Millie decide to ask her model friend Chili for advice. After the difficulty of convincing Chili, they go to her cousin Sue Storm and her scientist boyfriend Reed for help. Eventually after a couple of months as Millie the Model, Tommy finds his way back home with Reed's assistance. A mirror shows it's his body! But things look slightly different, like the letter S is reversed, and then he hears a very familiar male voice in his head...

It is a self contained story, published in 1998 by Echo Productions, which is out of business and no copies appear to be available any more.
Tommy wrote several other books with a youthful theme mixed into the gender mix-ups. This issue was numbered TS-17, part of the Echo twilight fiction series.

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