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Dinosaur King
Categories:Size, Anime, Television Series


This new anime is into it's second season, with new episodes on Youtube, and

The main protagonist, Max Taylor, son of Dr. Spike Taylor, a Paleontologist, and his friends, Rex Owen and Zoe Drake, get new Dinosaurs: a Triceratops named Chompf for Max, a Carnotaurus named Ace fort Rex, and a Parasaurolophus named Paris for Zoe. Each has a dinosaur card and a move card with an element (Lightning for Chomp, Wind for Ace, and Grass for Paris. These Dinosaurs were turned into cards by the main villain, Dr. Z, and his Alpha Gang, Ursula, Zander, and Ed, when they used a time machine to go back to the Cretaceatous Era, and capture dinosaurs.

The Dinosaurs have a smaller chibi-form, and transform into their larger, more realistic forms, from whatever time period they were from. Both groups use Dinosaurs to battle other dinosaurs, like Pokemon.

Almost all the voice cast of Pokemon are back to voice the characters for Dinosaur King.

originally posted by guest(Kris) on 2009-11-16, 1 edit, entryid=8614