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Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode The Criss Cross Conspiracy!
  • Categories:Gender, animated, Television Episode, magic
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 19
  • Original Air Date: October 29, 2010


The episode with a flashback to Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) fighting the Riddler, when Batwoman shows up. It turns out she's a bit roguish and Batman admonishes her for putting innocents in danger while thrill seeking. The Riddler unmasks her and reveals her to be Katrina Moldoff, the heiress to the Moldoff fortune. Because of it, she is banned from ever wearing her costume again.

In the present, she blames Batman for her unmasking and resents his ability to still fight crime. She enlists Felix Faust to help. He gives her a body swap spell which she uses on Batman and takes his life in an attempt to kill the Riddler.

Some hilarity ensues as Batman starts acting quite feminine and Batman in her body costumes up and goes to get his body back. While in Katrina's body, Batman makes reference to his higher gravity when he looks at her chest, and strugles with the high heels of her Batwoman costume.

As Katrina, Batman is able to use "her" charms to enlist Felix to help with the spell. He is able to change back into his body in the nick of time as the Riddler had planned to kill Batman.


  • While the Katrina Moldoff character is new, her appearance and costume are based on the 1950's - 1970's version of Kathy Kane.
  • While in each other's bodies, they retain their regular voice actors, but there is atempt made to sound like they are a different person.

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