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Metajets Episode Under Thin Ice
Categories:Shapeshifter, Gender


When the metajets team starts practicing for the Jet Skiing Race Zack loses control of his jet and crashes into the an ice shelf which falls apart reveals a frozen laboratory that was buried under the ice for a hundred years. So the metajets decide to investigate by going in metajets uniforms. Much to their surprise they find a doctor frozen inside the laboratory. They thaw the doctor out and he finds out that power has been turned back on. The doctor freaks out and runs into another part of the building. The metajets go looking for the doctor to see what happen to him. They find the doctor and decide to leave to have him explain why its so dangerous to turn the power back on. Turns out its not really the doctor at all, its the energy creature that has the power to take on any form it touches. The real doctor is still at the base after being knock out by the energy creature. It changes into two males and one female doctor before it escapes from the ARC-1 Carrier.

originally posted by Bodyswap1 on 2010-07-20, 4 edits, entryid=8543