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Atop the Fourth Wall & Spoony Experiment Review Warrior 2-3
Categories:Male, Gender, Inanimate, Net Fiction


A crossover between the comic book reviewing web series "Atop the Fourth Wall" (hosted by "Linkara") featuring Spoony as his "Dr. Insano" character (both series can be found on That Guy With The Glasses).

The "plot" of the review sees Dr. Insano's counterpart from another universe travelling into there's to force Linkara to review the second (and third) issue of the comic book "Warrior". Each time the camera cuts back to them, they've turned into an alternative universe counterpart. This results in multiple incidents of male transformation throughout the video, two gender changes (Linkara and Insano at 9:17 and Linkara at 14:36) and one universe where the two of them are plushies.

All of the alternative universe counterparts are played by various other TGWTG reviewers. The TFs are of the "Changed when the camera cuts back to them" variety.

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