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Here Comes the Bride
Categories:Gender, Female, Male, Movie


A Filipino comedy movie about a massive body swap that occurs during a freak accident coinciding with a solar eclipse. Beautiful bride to be (Angelica Panganiban) enters the body of her Auntie (Eugene Domingo), while Auntie ends up in Maid's body (Tuesday Vargas), Maid ends up in Father of Bride's body, the elderly Father of Bride ends up in Gay Stylist's body and best of all... Gay male stylist ends up in the bride's body!

Fiasco generally ensues as the gay (apparently also transgendered) stylist lives it up sexily in the bride's body, wearing beautiful clothes, partying with hot men and spending time with the bride's fiancee. He/she decides to go ahead with the wedding as the bride!

Bride to be in the meantime ends up in the mental hospital for claiming to be herself when her mother (body's sister) thinks the accident made her crazy with her claims of being her daughter, the bride to be.

Auntie as the maid of relatives, finds the maid's boyfriend to be her ideal man, while the maid considers being an elderly man endurable as long as she can use his wealth to help her poor family. The elderly father in the younger male stylist body shocks the other gay stylists by falling for the bridesmaid and proving to her that he is all man.

Eventually most agree to restage the accident but they have to wait 2 whole years for another eclipse so they all move in together and wait it out. The bride gets permission from her Auntie to have sex with her groom, but he finds her body to be a deterrent, adding to the years they waited to lose their virginity together. The stylist in her body is locked in a chain to her leg to keep her from running off during the long wait. Family members apparently accept the changes and help them get through the 2 years.

Finally, 2 years later they remake the accident but wind up in the wrong bodies again, and keep trying until the eclipse is over. A handful of tries later, they wake up in the hospital again and in their right bodies. Not everyone is totally happy with the result, but all learn from the experience.

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