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G. I. Joe: Glamour Girls
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Madame Vail agrees to sell her youth transference machine, which makes people young (and beautiful), in return for kidnapping some of the world's top models, who's youth and beauty will be transferred to the machine's user. One of these models is Low Light's sister, Una. Low Light and Dial Tone help Una and her friend, Satin, move when the girls receive an invitation for a modeling secession. Upon hearing that Una has disappeared and that the modeling studio is owned by Extensive Enterprises, the Joes get involved and sent Lady Jaye and Cover Girl in undercover as models. They are hypnotized by the camera, as the other models were, and are taken to a dungeon on Madame Vail's island, along with Zarana, who the Dreadnok's hypnotized because she was bossing them around. A group of Joes following LJ and CG are captured, but Zartan releases them so that they will rescue the models and Zarana. Meanwhile, the models bust out of the dungeon and Una is taken to the transference machine. The Joes arrive and Low Light is able to blast the machine and save Una, but Madame Vail is left without a face.


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