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Urusei Yatsura episode 82
Categories:Gender, Animal
  • Episode Title, "Full of Sunshine"


At the beach, Lum meets a talking dolphin named Mr. Dolphin who wants to go out with girls. Lum agrees to go out with him but only after giving him an earring that morphs him into an attractive, dark-skinned boy in a scheme to make Ataru jealous. Mr. Dolphin enjoys all the attention he's receiving from the pretty girls on the beach but doesn't like being picked on by the boys. He decides that it was a mistake to become a human male as he views one's life as pitiful since they're always getting beaten up and have to buy things for women. Ataru sees him with Lum and is about to attack when suddenly Mr. Dolphin decides that he'd be better off as a woman and transforms into a female version of his previous human form much to Lum's dismay and Ataru's delight.

originally posted by guest(Kara) on 2009-12-21, 3 edits, entryid=8483