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Categories:Gender, Manga, Anime, Book
  • AKA: Kampfer, Kaempfer


Natsuru has a lot on his mind. He's a typical guy thinking about getting a date with his dream girl. Until he wakes up far more beautiful, well endowed, and physically superior to the girl of his imaginations.
From the word "Go!", Natsuru is swept into the world of kampfers - fighting femme fatales, both human and alien - as one of the beautiful vixens!
An interesting mix of Excel Saga and Sailor Moon, it pans out into a hilarious, non-stop farce. Helping Natsuru are his Build-A-Bear rejected personal trainer/advisor and a mysterious contract bracelet that turns him into his female form when it randomly detects a Kampfer, and a neutral set of aliens who place bets on his fights and side-bets on his personal life. Did I mention the only way to turn back into a guy was he has to want it and be hit by blunt force trauma?
If you ever wondered what the average guy would do when he wakes up as a female supermodel, and has to fight to stay alive, all while trying not to tell his new girlfriend, I recommend this read.


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