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House Of Mystery # 204: 'To Die For Magda'
Categories:Monster, comic book


In 1905 Transylvania, a young man named Stefan starts courting a woman named Magda. Her father won't allow him to marry her unless he is willing to prove he would die for her. She is being harassed by the head of the Secret Poilce, who wants to marry her himself and is threatening to have her prosecuted as a witch. Stefan must write a confession claiming he is the leader of the local coven before Magda's father agrees to the marriage. This is all a plot by Madga's true fiance, Janos, the real head of the coven, who plans to use Stefan as a scapegoat. After Stefan marries Magda, Janos attempts to kill him. Stefan survives and shoots Janos down. He reveals he is the head of the Secret Police, and was just using Magda to get to Janos. However, Magda actually is a witch, and proves it to the disbelieving Stefan by turning him into an ugly little monster!

originally posted by Dale Ribbons on 2009-10-17, 1 edit, entryid=8417