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Secret Files of the Spy Dogs - " "DNA" or the secret file of the Dastardly Dip"
Categories:Animal, Animated


In this 90s shortlived animated series that "revealed" that all dogs are really a secret society of special agents dedicated to keeping mankind safe from "Really Bad Stuff" the show's final episode dealt with transformation.

Many of the Spy Dogs top-agents; including main characters Ralph, Mitzy and Scribble, Stahl, Erin and Von Rabie; are turned into cats by tainted flea dip at their vets, The dip was modified by Catastrophe, the feline main villian of the show.

Tracking him down, the Spy Dogs,err, Spy Cats confront him and a fight ensues. Despite being a bit out of their elements with feline abilities and bodies, the dogs win the fight and using a chemical agent poured directly into a giant vat of the tainted dip, the Spy Dogs are able to reverse the dip's effect and change themselves back into dogs. (Except for Frank the Wienerdog who slips in a puddle and only turns his front half back into a dog, leading to his dog half chasing his cat tail)
The tables turn when in the process of making his escape Catastrophe slips off a pipe and plunges into the modified dip, accidently turning himself into a dog. He still escapes, weither or not he ever changed back is actually debatable as this was his last appearence on the show.

TFs vary, being the main character Ralph's is heavily featured but somewhat hidden to build drama. Most of the other main main characters' are not shown but three anonymous dogs are shown shrinking into cats. Most of the main cast changes back on screen although their TFs are quite quick. Catastrophe's TF at the end is shown in full.

originally posted by guest on 2009-04-28, 4 edits, entryid=8360