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SHAZAM, Incredible Sinking City
Categories:Furry, Cartoon


When Billy Batson (Captain Marvel) and Mary Batson (Mary Marvel) cousin Freckles comes to visit she gives Mary a book that was given to her by a old peddler (who was the villian Imac in disguise) containing pictures of Alligator-like creatures called hiss men. During the night the picturs of the hiss men come alive and kidnap Billy, Mary and Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel Junior). They take them back in time to the prehistoric era which is where Imacs layer is. In the layer they are turned into Hiss men. As Hiss-men, they are unable to say the words of power that transform them into their superpowered forms as long as they remain in Imacs domain. Billy manages to escape and turns back into Captain Marvel and goes back and returns the others to normal
Note that the Alligator "Hiss-Men" are from the old comicbook, and their depiction in tennis shirts and armed with tennis rackets was a nod to the (then very popular) IZOD clothes line. That little alligator symbol used to be on all IZOD clothes.


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