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Sonic Unleashed
Categories:Were, Video Game
Game System: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2


Sega's latest entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Sonic Unleashed is based primarily around an unusual transformation.

With the Chaos Emeralds in hand, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic for a final battle with Dr. Eggman. He easily lays waste to the doctor's contraptions, and eventually confronts Eggman himself. But Sonic has actually been lured into a trap, as Eggman takes the Emeralds right out of Sonic's hands, and uses their power to break up the planet and release the beast known as Dark Gaia.

As the Emeralds release their power, they have a strange effect on Sonic, transforming him into a "werehog" with thick fur, cleated sneakers, and long, stretchy arms. After the initial transformation, Sonic is ejected from Eggman's base and back down to the planet.

After landing, Sonic soons finds out that, like a real werewolf, he is doomed to transform into a werehog every time the sun goes down, even though his mind remains unchanged.

In gameplay, the werehog is represented through a beat-'em-up style of gameplay, with some puzzles and platforming thrown in.

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