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Champions #45
  • Categories:Gender, Comic Book
  • Title: A Tale of Two Jimmys


Olga(Sparkplug) agrees to take care of Jimmy Jensen(Giant, although his mother doesn't know) while his mother is away in Cairo. Olga intends to use young Jimmy to see how her boyfrind Jimmy Dooley(a reporter) handles kids, as she hopes that she can get her Jimmy to ask her to marry him. Olga shows young Jimmy the magic ring that allows her to switch between Olga and Sparkplug(before she had to use a wig and change clothes, but her friend the Black Enchatress made a ring that stores her costume and changes her appearence now). While preparing for dinner with her Jimmy, she is called away to take care of some escaped criminals.

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originally posted by Random on 2009-01-12, 4 edits, entryid=8221