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The Simpsons 1001 Arabian Nuts #126
Categories:animal, comic


This simpsons comic takes place in the past of asia where the King Momar (Moe) has organised a blind date with Marge who at the end of the date wants to sleep with her and if she does not she will be killed like the other blind dates he has been on.
To stop them going on the date Marges tells Momar some stories
which includes Ala-diddly-addin and his magic lamp, Apu Baba and the four thieves and the story of Sinbart the sailor.

In the story of Sinbart the sailor after travelling to many different islands Sinbart is to marry the princess of the island who can change into a bird.

After Marge has told the stories we find out that Momar was quite literally bored to death which ruined marges plan to transform into an elephant and sqaush him after he had fallen asleep because of listening to the stories.

Marge returns home to see the family watching monkey fighting instead of taking out the trash so she transforminto an elephant and takes it out instead

read the comic here

originally posted by tim-ra on 2009-01-05, no edits, entryid=8215