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Categories:Gender, Age, Animal, Video Game



At one point in the game you arrive in a simulated reality known as tranquility lane. In it, you are now a young boy (or girl if your character is female). The scientist who created the simulation likes to mess with those in it, and is in the body of a little girl when you arrive.

Also, you are searching for your father throughout the game, and it leads you to this simulation. You find out, in the end, he is actually in the body of a dog in the simulation.

In addition, the following console commands (press the ~ key or ` key) may be of interest to PC users:

player.agerace # - Replace the # with a negative number to reduce your age or a positive number to increase it.

agerace RefID # - Works as above, however replace RefID with the ID of a character you wish to (de)age.

SetPCYoung - Returns the player to being a child, as they were during part of the tutorial.

SexChange - Reverses your character's gender, this does not change their face however, although there is an NPC in the game who can give you plastic surgery.

Player.MatchFaceGeometry RefID - Replace RefID with the ID of an NPC to change your face to match theirs.

originally posted by guest(zap) on 2008-10-31, 3 edits, entryid=8190